PC Pyramid Mold

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PC Pyramid Mold

Size> Width 8cm, Length 8cm, Height 9cm (Size of Finished Candle)
Material> Polycarbonate Plastic
Characteristics> It is a permanent plastic mold that can be reused many times.
If you are the first to produce pillar candles, please follow the instructions below. The required amount of wax is 170g.






How to Use a Pillar Mold that has a Hole for Wicks

1.  Please insert the wick into the hole.

2. Cover the wick hole and the wick top with clay to block it to prevent leaking of wax. Clay with oil is not good for use as it might have a possibility to melt since wax is very hot. We recommend clay with no oil to prevent dirt on wicks after everything is done.

3. on the entrance of the mold, please tie the wick in the wooden chopsticks or stick like the photo.

4. Spread the mold spray evenly inside the mold. The release mold spray forms an oil-thin film, which helps the candle to escape from the mold.

5. Pour wax. The temperature of the wax may vary depending on the type of wax, but 75 to 80 degrees of soy wax is suitable.

6. It is a picture of poured wax. Please cool down at room temperature naturally until it is completely hardened.

7. The wax is hardening from the bottom. It takes a long time to fully solidify. If the wax temperature is too high, please note that it may leak from the bottom before hardening. 

8.  After it is fully hardened, the candle will be taken out well. If it does not come out well enough, leave it in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes and take it out. If you leave it too long, it may crack the candle ~

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